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About the Owners

Buddy Bs Owners.jpg

Buddy B's Restaurant was founded by lifelong River Parish residents Gary and Fege Boe in 1998. Choosing a location along River Road in Garyville, Louisiana, Gary and Fege started Buddy B's with the help of their friends and family working in the kitchen.


Previously, the building of Buddy B's was a gas station and convenient store in the 1950's. The original structure was seemingly small, making the kitchen even smaller. When the Boe's took over, they expanded the kitchen to the footprint it is now.

The namesake of their restaurant was a combination of their children's nicknames, Gary "Buddy" Boe Jr. and Bridget "B" Boe, making it Buddy B's Restaurant!


In 2021, business entrepreneur and public figure, Buddy Boe, teamed up with local private and special event chef, Natasha Clement, purchasing the restaurant from the Boe's to continue the family legacy.


Combined, the dynamic duo of Sophisticated Hospitality Group plan on continuing to provide excellent food with a cozy down-home feel to members of the community and the industries around the region.


Eat good food.

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